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Encaustic Cement Tiles Barcelona

Artisans of Encaustic Cement Tiles

  • To me Torra encaustic cement tiles is the best hydraulic mosaic in the market, the quality of the tile is very good and the colours are very bright.

    Testimonials mosaicos hidraulicos y baldosas (2)
    Bea Collado
    Owner of Witcraf Barcelona Women Fashion store
  • To me it was very important that the quality of encaustic cement tiles and mosaic tiles were excellent as my company ‘s clients are hotels, restaurants and upscale shops that want a high quality product and Torra has more than met my needs .

    Testimonials mosaicos hidraulicos y baldosas (1)
    Jhon Giggs Estadella
    Architect at Estadella and Co. Barcelona
  • I love how it turned out my dining room with borders and with the hydraulic mosaic tiles Torra.

    Testimonials mosaicos hidraulicos y baldosas (3)
    Mary Stuart

¿Why Torra cement tiles?


  • Waterproof cement tiles
  • Exclusive custom designs
  • Immediate delivery a to all United Kindom
  • Classic and cutting edge line
  • Excellent finishes cement tiles
  • Price / unmatched quality

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