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Bathroom tiles: Floor and wall designs

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Factors to consider when selecting the hydraulic mosaic for bathing

Prior to any home renovation we must carry out a correct planning that will be related not only to the logistics but also (and primarily) to certain factors that will allow us to select color palette, floors, furniture and ornamentation suitable for each specific environment.

Hydraulic mosaics for bathrooms have become a trend for years thanks to the personality that this type of material provides to the floors, as well as to its high quality and resistance to humidity that usually occurs in this type of rooms.

The market offers us a wide range of materials to renovate the spaces. And when it comes to flooring, we have a hundred options that adapt perfectly to each decorative style, generating a renewed and modern impact on the home. 

In Mosaics Torra we have been in charge for several years of the artisanal manufacture of hydraulic mosaics for bathrooms and other spaces, adapting each design to the requirements of our customers and following the highest quality standards, achieving unique products, original and high-end in the hydraulic market.

Among so many designs and options it is necessary to take into account certain factors so that our choice turns out to be adequate and does not generate rejection with the passage of time.

We invite you to meet them and practice them!

Evaluating the structure of the bathroom and its luminosity will be the first step that we must take prior to the renovation or change of pavement. This must be the case since depending on these characteristics we can choose a specific color palette or a particular design.

In cases where the dimensions of the environment are very small and do not have great brightness, the best option is to choose a range of neutral and, above all, clear tones. White expands the spaces and is ideal for the bathroom. You can combine it with hydraulic mosaics that accentuate the luminosity like our monocolor collection or the Patchwork white hydraulic floor which is a combination of all our classic or modern hydraulic mosaic tiles.

on the contrary, if you have a bathroom with large dimensions and good lighting you can give free rein to your imagination and dare to use the colors you like. The possibilities are endless and you can place hydraulic mosaics with the design you prefer both on the floor and on the walls and balance with more neutral furniture and walls. 

In this section we must keep in mind that it is essential to achieve the right balance between aesthetics and functionality for each environment so as not to overload it and take advantage of the dimensions and natural light they have.

Lovers of interior design consider that every home should have its own style. Today we are aware that there are a hundred of them to choose from: romantic, Nordic, vintage, industrial, minimalist, among others.

Which one owns your house? If you choose one in particular and have not yet been able to include it in your spaces, a reform can be the kick to carry out your dream and renew the environments following the characteristics of the decorative style you like.

This way you can link to it the hydraulic mosaics for the bathroom, selecting the right choice in terms of colors and design. Did you know that at Mosaics Torra we have a stock of hydraulics for every decorative imprint? We invite you to meet them in the following link and choose the models you like:

Why choose hydraulic mosaics for the bathroom?

The answer to this question is simple and clarifying: The hydraulic mosaics for the bathroom are the best option since they have a high resistance to the possible wear and tear that can bring the humidity generated in this type of environment.

In addition to this very important peculiarity, there are models that have an anti-slip system that prevents falls in wet spaces, providing a greater support and security for the family.

In Mosaics Torra we create an anti-slip system called Stone that allows to adapt to any hydraulic mosaic without losing its color and design. The result is a rugged, resistant and safe tile.

Do you have doubts or need advice to choose the right hydraulic mosaic for your bath?  Contact us and we will be happy to advise you!


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