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Kitchen Tiles: Floor and wall designs

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The most widely used kitchen coverings

There are several trends in coatings for kitchens 2020. We invite you to meet them and inspire you!


1- Hardwood looking floors. This is not new in 2020. Wood-looking laminate, vinyl and ceramic tile coverings have been in place for years. In fact, it has been the trend of floor years before and today it continues to be.

2- Waterproof flooring. For years, the tile was really the only waterproof floor option. Although in recent years, many people choose to buy waterproof vinyl, laminate and even rugs. This new feature is effective for families with pets or who do not have time for a home restructuring through works. What is counterproductive is the short service life of these materials, which quickly wear out.

3- Textured flooring. Imitating classic hardwood, you can see hand-scraped floors, brushed with wire and completely worn out in wood, laminate and more.

4- Environmentally responsible flooring systems. Today, with the boom of the search for a more sustainable and natural life, owners want to know where their coating came from. The use of natural, renewable and recyclable materials is huge right now. In this context, hydraulic mosaic tiles turn out to be the ideal material for the sustainability of the home.

5- Clear-hued floors. Don’t worry, the gray is still big! However, the light colour palette is also causing a lot of impact, especially in decorative styles such as romantic and Nordic. In addition, clear, airy, blond floors work with almost any decor and instantly make your room look bigger.

Decorative tiles have become the must of many decorative styles. They are available in traditional materials, handmade and with dozens of drawings and designs that adapt to any environment, especially in kitchens.

Tips for choosing the best coating for your kitchen

Here are some tips for choosing the best coating to embellish your kitchen. Get on with it!
Let yourself be guided by the style you have chosen!
Prior to the reform you must make, you will have chosen the style that will reign in your home. If you haven’t already, it’s very important as it will be the furniture guide, the color palette and, of course, the coating. According to the style, you can select the one that best suits it and you can play with shapes, design, size, colors.
Don’t forget the importance of colors
It is essential that, to avoid headaches after the refurbishment or work, you select a palette of colors for your project. It evaluates each environment and chooses to combine the coatings so that they harmonize with each other.
Select the right material for each space
We have already mentioned what are the most acclaimed coatings for kitchens and all are a good choice but surely there is the right one for each home. Evaluate your economic possibilities, the square meters of the space, the decoration and furniture, the color palette of the walls and choose the one that best suits your life.
With all these guidelines to keep in mind, the right design and choice of siding for your kitchen are assured. 
In Mosaics Torra we have been manufacturing hydraulic mosaics for more than 10 years. We have exclusive designs that have the quality and strength that this particular environment deserves. Write to us! will be happy to advise you.
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