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mediterranean tiles design

Where is born the love for Mediterranean style tiles and what are the characteristics of this fashion in decoration


We have mentioned it in previous notes and we will remember it again: The decoration of atmospheres goes through a stage where the authentic, the simplicity and the craftsmanship reign.


And in this context, the Mediterranean style and with it its characteristic tiles, are the Deco Trend of this 2019 and the next 2020. Therefore, if you are looking for an interesting must for your environment, that seduces you and gives personality to your home, do not hesitate to incorporate it into your stay.


The Mediterranean style is born and used more forcefully on the coasts of Italy, Morocco,  Spain and Greece whose sunny landscapes are soaked with turquoise waters, sea breeze, flowers and aromas that invade the summer homes creating a relaxed and light atmosphere.

In this very peculiar nature, the colors, furniture and ornamentation of the houses make up a culture in itself where Mediterranean-style tiles combined with wood or rough stone, are essential for covering both the walls and the floor.


This style is characterized by being functional, having a simple and sober architecture that integrates wonderfully to the landscape.


Its main features are:


1. Use of materials from nature such as clay, wood, stone and adobe.
2. The orientation of the rooms that are most used are arranged towards the south with the aim of maximizing the use of sunlight.
3. As for decorative objects, the theory of "Less is more" reigns! since relaxed, simple and without too much ornamental load are the most important spaces.
4. Lime is one of the most used materials for covering the interior as the exterior of the home as it reflects sunlight while keeping the rooms cool.
5. The windows are small to avoid the direct summer sun which is the most powerful.
6. The roofs of the houses are flat.


How to decorate the home with tiles and Mediterranean style


Based on these fundamental features of this decorative imprint, you can transfer to your home (regardless of geographical location) all the magic of the Mediterranean style and its tiles.

For this it will be necessary to consider 4 essential factors: light, furniture, colour palette and accessories.


As mentioned above, this style seeks to increase the use of natural light so that the environments look bright and fresh. In the face of it, it is necessary to leave aside those curtains, cushions, carpets and dark blankets that are heavy and with an extreme thickness.


What is advisable is to give way to natural and artisanal fabrics that are light and vaporous like cotton or linen that facilitate the passage of sunlight rays in a faint way.

On the other hand, taking into account the dimensions of each space and the location of the furniture is very important to prevent them from interfering with the areas of light entry.

Continuing with the architecture of this style, the use of natural materials for furniture is fundamental. Wicker, wood and rattan have been used for the manufacture of domestic and agricultural elements since ancient times. Nowadays, it produces rustic style furniture that combines perfectly with the summer landscape of the houses and that you can incorporate in your home perfectly.


We know that the tonalities that we use to paint our house will be indispensable since they are the basis of all decoration. The colour palette of the style is based on the following colours:

  • White. Promotes brightness, freshness and visual spaciousness as well as transmitting sobriety and serenity in the rooms.
  • Blue. It represents the sea and is the fundamental colour of the Mediterranean style, transmitting relaxation and freshness.
  •  Colors earth. Those hues that are inspired by the land and the landscape such as beige, terracotta, olive are perfect to complement at home. Mediterranean tiles with these colors give warmth to the spaces.

The ornamentation of each environment must have a nature-related imprint: wicker baskets, flowers and plants, wooden trunks, paintings with paintings based on sea and mountain landscapes, natural textiles, ceramic or clay vases and of course the classic Mediterranean tiles that can be used to make carpets that stand out on the floor or to decorate certain spaces such as the bathroom, the main living room or the kitchen.

Don’t forget to opt for walls with lime or tiles, wooden beams and arches in some space that you want to highlight.

On the other hand, if you want to counteract with prints, dare without ignoring the balance in each environment! You can use drawings on curtains, blankets, cushions or carpets and your dwelling will shine.

Don’t forget that in Torra Mosaics we have a great diversity of hydraulic mosaic tiles to decorate your house in the best Mediterranean style. ¡ Contact us and choose the one that best suits your environment!


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