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Outdoor Tiles: Patio and garden ideas

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Hydraulic tiles for all tastes

Geometric designs, flowers of charm, intense colors or pastel tones, combinations played, such are the hydraulic mosaics for indoor and outdoor: full of options to cover floors, walls and even furniture!

It is a legacy of the past that has become fashionable thanks to its versatility, dynamism and character that imprints in every corner. The surfaces where they are placed, shine by themselves giving the home a unique charm with vintage flavor.

The combinations and sites where it is possible to place hydraulic tiles are endless: floor tiles, walls, tables, decorative objects such as pots or coasters, stairs, terrazzo, pools and much more. The important thing is to balance the design of the chosen mosaic with the decorative style of each environment so as not to overload it.

In Mosaics Torra we manufacture one by one our pieces and we have a wide variety that adapts to each corner.

For indoor hydraulics, these can be placed in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms. In the latter, outdoor hydraulics are also ideal thanks to their anti-slip power. It is important to note that our factory has created a unique system so that any tile style has this non-slip quality. It’s about the Torra Stone system.

It consists of a non-slip process with Class 3 certificate that can be applied to the material, transforming its smooth texture into a rough and uniform texture that prevents falls and slips.

As we can conclude, the hydraulic tile inside and outside can fulfill an aesthetic and technical functionality at the same time: beautify the home and protect your family from accidents related to falls.

Types of hydraulic floors for indoor and outdoor

These materials are versatile and ideal to be combined with other material such as wood or microcemento, radically transforming any space and making it very attractive and welcoming.

Our extensive catalogue shows that we can adapt to the wishes and needs of our clients' projects effectively. We have more traditional and classic options up to the most striking and avant-garde models. We invite you to discover them:

This is an ideal option where the spaces already have shades on colorful walls or very designed and seeks to placate the environment with classic and neutral materials. We have 13 different colors like white, grey, mustard, red, green, ivory, blue and others.

This collection is inspired by the designs of ancient European modernism and invade the classic, floral and geometric designs in various colors.

If you are looking to create modern and avant-garde spaces this collection is for you. The range of colors is presented in white, grey and black. The designs are extremely attractive.

It is a daring and colorful collection thanks to the combination of different designs that can be matched by colors or choose a mosaic from each collection.

It is composed of 4 different drawings although related harmoniously thanks to a common language of geometries 

Inspired by the famous Catalan artist Antoni Gaudí, this collection consists of a hydraulic hexagonal tile available in 4 colours with a relief on its visible face that fulfils the non-slip function. Its composition consists of 3 marine figures that were designed by Gaudí and whose reliefs resemble the sea when they come into contact with light.

Ideal for lovers of shapes other than the classic square in mosaics The hexagonal collection is ideal. They are pieces of 20 x 23cm and are available in white shades, lead grey and graphite grey.

It is an avant-garde, innovative and modern collection that presents a visible face with polished texture simulating the "classic terrazzo tile"

What is your favorite collection? We invite you to visit our website to get to know them and enjoy their characteristics. Need help deciding? We can advise you! Contact us and start your new remodeling project with Mosaics Torra.




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