pinterest Tiles design ideas: Latest trend in interior decoration 2021

Tiles design ideas: Latest trend in interior decoration 2021

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Why do hydraulic floors like them so much?

Hydraulic floors, since their return to the world of decoration, have become an indisputable trend. This type of tile has been very popular decades ago, but over time it has been forgotten.

However, just a few years ago, we began to visualize a reconquest of the authentic and artisanal that has flooded the interior and exterior decoration of great architectural works as well as single-family dwellings. In that context, hydraulic soils stood out and captured the preferences of the whole world!

Following history, they began to be used strongly towards the first half of the twentieth century, although the first references were found a century ago in the south of France.

Hydraulic mosaic tiles acquired an interesting boom in the 1970s with the appearance of more daring styles such as vintage, although the greatest splendour occurs during the Modernist movement.

Interior designers such as Pía Capdevila consider that this type of material not only passes through a period trend, besides, those who choose it consider it highly functional because, decorative speaking, provides multiple functions as it ornaments household objects, floors, walls, etc.


For years, we have been seeing a return to the old in the decoration of the home. The vintage style and its fusion with more modern imprints managed to prevail, and certainly here must is the hydraulic floor!


But why do you like this stuff so much?


1.  Because it is functional.

2.  Because it is versatile.

3.  Because it attracts all eyes.

4.  Because it is durable and easy to maintain.

Hydraulic floors: Characteristics that make them unique among the decoration trends 2019


The demand for hydraulic floors has grown during the year 2019 as they are an indisputable trend. In addition to the multiple benefits that make them the most chosen, they have characteristics that make them unique. We invite you to meet them!


    The technology used in these materials shows that these floors are cared for, modern and avant-garde with the highest quality without neglecting the ancient touch that they provide to each home environment.

The demand has multiplied the variety of hydraulic floors that can be used in any space of a house.


In Torra Mosaics we allow you to create your tile, with more than 100 colours. You can choose between our categories and select the climbing that you like best to paint with the colours you like. Plus, you can see your custom 3D hydraulic tile! Which brings you closer to reality?



There is no doubt that a hydraulic tile brings personality in any environment where it is placed, attracts attention because of its original drawings and the creativity it provides in the space when combined with other materials such as wood, microcement, among others.


And you, haven’t you decided yet on the hydraulic floors that best suit your home? Don’t worry! At Torra Mosaicos we are experts in production and advice. We can help you make the right decision for your home to shine by itself.

Contact us and discover the multiple hydraulic floors we have in store and are trending in decoration this 2019

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