Collection Classic Victorian

Tiles in Living Room scaled Baldosas hidráulicas Classic Victorian

The Classic Victorian collection of hydraulic tiles is the queen of our collections par excellence, it is inspired by a vintage or period collection, and with a wide assortment of more traditional and conservative models with its outstanding designs of famous architects such as Domenech i Muntaner, Puig i Cadafalch to name a few, this entire collection is manufactured in different colors and has been designed to represent it in its forms of floral and geometric types.

The entire Classic Victorian collection is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, although if it is for outdoor use we recommend the incorporation in the hydraulic mosaics of our «Torrastone» treatment that will change its smooth texture into a non-slip texture to prevent slipping, it should be noted that this treatment meets the Class 3 standard according to UNE-ENV 12633/2003 ANNEX A for more information click here.

The standard format of the Classic Victorian is 20x20x1,8 cm, please contact us for other formats.

Thanks to our immediate delivery service, we can supply our hydraulic floors in 24/48 hours guaranteeing a fast and efficient delivery. In addition to offering the guarantee that the hydraulic tiles that we serve have a minimum of two months of curing in our center in order to ensure optimum quality in our hydraulic mosaics.

For the installation and maintenance of our hydraulic floors we recommend to consult our installation and maintenance instructions that we provide with the delivery of the hydraulic tiles or download them in the following link.
Rajoles Mosaics Torra12 Cement tile Ref. M 102 (F,T,Y,M) Rajoles Mosaics Torra13 Cement tile Ref. M102M (F,YY,M) Rajoles Mosaics Torra14 Cement tile Ref. 190 (F,M,Z) Rajoles Mosaics Torra15 Cement tile Ref. 6 (F,M,Z,G) Rajoles Mosaics Torra16 Cement tile Ref. M107 (F,M)
Rajoles Mosaics Torra17 Cement tile Ref 5 (A,M) Rajoles Mosaics Torra18 Cement tile Ref. M107 (A,Y) 5 AY Cement tile Ref 5 AY Rajoles Mosaics Torra20 Cement tile Ref. M105 (F,T) Rajoles Mosaics Torra21 Cement tile Ref. 51 ( A,T,M,G)
Rajoles Mosaics Torra22 Cement tile REF. 601 (A,G) Rajoles Mosaics Torra23 Cement tile Ref. M 062 (C,F,M) Rajoles Mosaics Torra24 Cement tile Ref. 120C (A,C) Rajoles Mosaics Torra25 Cement tile Ref. 120A (A,C,D,G) Rajoles Mosaics Torra26 Cement tile Ref. 140C (A,C)
Rajoles Mosaics Torra27 Cement tile Ref. 140A (A,D,G) Rajoles Mosaics Torra28 Cement tile Ref. 125 (A,Z) Rajoles Mosaics Torra29 Cement tile Ref. 150 (A,Y,Z) Rajoles Mosaics Torra30 Cement tile Ref. 24 (D,M,G,A) Rajoles Mosaics Torra31 Cement tiles Ref 45 (G,F)
Rajoles Mosaics Torra32 Cement tile Ref. 151 (A,M,D) Rajoles Mosaics Torra33 Cement tile Ref. 8 (C,F,G,M) Rajoles Mosaics Torra34 Cement tile Ref. 250 (C,F,G,M) Rajoles Mosaics Torra35 Cement tile Ref. 168A (F,L,R,S,T) Rajoles Mosaics Torra36 baja Cement tile Ref. 300 (A,Y,Z)
Rajoles Mosaics Torra37 Cement tile Ref. 1 (A.Y,C) Rajoles Mosaics Torra38 Cement tile Ref. Sarria AY Rajoles Mosaics Torra39 Cement tiles Ref. 400 ( A,C,S) Rajoles Mosaics Torra40 Cement tile Ref. 175 (A,Z,D,S) Rajoles Mosaics Torra41 Cement tile Ref. 125 Colour (A,H11,H30)