Custom designs for your special project

Design your own hydraulic tile, send us your design and we will do the rest at Mosaics Torra, we will make your project a reality.
Create your floor
Create your floor
Create your floor

Many professionals in the world of decoration and interior design have trusted Mosaics Torra to make their own ideas come true.

We offer you the possibility of creating your own project, you only have to provide us with the drawing or piece of the mosaic in question and we will manufacture the mold making your idea a reality, then our craftsmen will be responsible for manufacturing the hydraulic tiles.

Create your floor

Tips for mosaic restoration

Always use neutral Ph cleaning products.

Polish at least once a year.

To pass a mop for its daily maintenance.

Clean coffee, soft drinks and oil stains immediately.

Avoid dragging furniture or metal parts over it.

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We all like our space to have a unique look and feel.

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