Skirting collection

Skirting cement tiles

We present our collection of skirtings available for immediate delivery in 5 colors (white, black, gray, gray, cream, and red) to match all our hydraulic tile collections. We can also manufacture it in special colors starting from 50 ml. And a lead time of 12 weeks.

The sizes of the skirting collection are 20x10x1,6 cm.

Zócalo Z 2010A Skirting cement tile Ref. Z-2010A Zócalo Z 2010D Skiritng cement tiles Ref. Z-2010D Zócalo Z 2010Z 1 Skirting cement tiles Ref. Z-2010Z Zócalo Z 2010F Skirting cement tiles Ref. Z-2010F Zócalo Z 2010M Skirting cement tiles Ref. Z-2010M