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Encaustic Tiles Torrastone non-slip class C3


First Encaustic cement tile with independent certification antidislising class 3.

After a long period wiyh our Tecnics1×D. Torra Mosaics it has to develop the Torra Stone. Such sistem consist  in a innovater antidislising process applied to the Hidraulic Floor tile to transform plain texture of the piece in a roug texture totally unknow and it will revolutionize the Hydraulic Mosaic world of manufacture totally artisanal.

The "Torra Stone" system it could applied in whoever of Hydraulics soils getting that way to covering all possible spaces inside of the floor even in inner use as outer with total uniformity totally impossible till the date as for example, it could put the same chosen in model of your salon house and to continue with the same piece till your garden porche, or to could put the same floor tile of your bathroom in the shower plate all that joining the plain texture traditional from the Encaustic cement tile with the system "Torra Stone antidislising"

Floor tile antidislising to inner, bathroom, terraces aplicable in all our stock models i you have to inform

“Details of the Mosaic texture exterior Torra ston tecnics note to recopling of the Pieces”


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Tecnics note to recopling of the pieces
To download the location norms and maintenance
To download simplified testing antidislising
To download the testing to resistance to cool





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