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Publicity  memorized  POLITIC OF COOKIES

Cookie is a file that unloading in its computer to accesing determinated pages web. The cookies permits a web page among other things to storing and to recovering information  about the navegation habits of a user or his equipment and depending of the information that contains and the form in that the equipment to be used they can using to recognize to the navegator user. The navegator of the user memorize cookies in the hard disk only during the currrent sección occuping a space of minimum memory and not harming to the computer. The cookies not contains any class of personal information specify and the most of the same erase from the hard disk to erase the the session.

The most of the navigator to accept like standar to the cookies and with independence of the same the most of navegator to accept as standar to the cookies and, with dependence of the same to permit or impede in the fits of sequrity the swindler or memorized. 

Without your agreement-  spressed through activación of the cookies in your navegator  -  xxxxx not inket in the cookies the memorized datas with your pesornal datas delivered in the moment of register or the purchase.

¿What  type  of  cookies  uses  this web  page ?

-Tecnics  Cookies they are those to permit to the user the navegation through a web  page, plataform or application of the differents options or services that to there being in It like, for example, to control the traffic and the communication of the datas, to identify the session it, accecses to parts of accecses rectricted, remember the elements they integrate a request, carry out the process of purchase of a request, It carries out the request of inscription or participation in the happening it use elements of security during the navigation store contents for the difusión of videos or sounds or It share contents through  the socials web.

- Cookies of the customization:  It are those that permit to the user It accecses to the  service with some characteristic of general character predefined in function of a series of criterions in the terminal of the user with for example is the.

language, the type of navigator through the accecses to the service regional configuration  from where accesses to the service etc.

- Cookies of the análysis are those that well treated for us or by third to permit to us  quantity the number of user perform the measuring and stadistic anallysis of the utilization that the user makes of the service offered. For that It analyze your navigation in our web page with the purpose to improve the offert of products or services that we offering you.

- Cookies advertising those are that well treated for us or by thirds, to permit to us negotiate of the form more eficaseses posible the offer of the advertising that there is in web page, adaptéd the content of announcement to content of the request  service  or by use that to carry out  of our web  page. For that we can analize your habits of navegation in  internet and we can shwow related publicity like your perfile of navigation.

- Cookies of behavioral publicity: Are those to permit the management, of the form  more effective  possible , of the  advertising  spaces that, in  your case, the editor find include in a web page, application or plataform from It who gives the service in demand. This Cookies they store information of the users behavior obtained through of the obsevation It  continued of your habits of navigation with permits develop a specific profile to show publicity in fuction of the same thing. 

Cookies of thirds: The Web of  XXXXX can use services of  third  that , for account of xxxxx It will compile information with die statical , of use  of the site of the user and for the  service of the other related services  with the activity of  the Website and other services of Internet . 952700366. 

Particular in and On specially, this Web site uses google Analytics, an analitic of borrowed  web for google. Inc. With seat in The Unite State with central seat in 1960 . Amphiteatre, Parkway view, California 94043 for the services, these uses cookies that compiles the included information the user, that will be transmitted, treated and stored for google in determines terms the google. By including the possible trasmission of information of happiness to thirds for session of legal exigency or when this third procecent the information for account of google.

(In this point the AGPD suggest include each the cookies of thirds used and the datas of this third. For evident reasons in he single model it has include the google in the Analylitics use for be the more extended and common.)

The  acceptable  user  expresly , for  The  use  of this  Site, The treatment  of  the  succeeded  in getting  information  in The form  and  with  die  them  previously  mentioned  and   so  itself  it  recognizes  know The posibility  to refuse  the treatment  of  such  datas  or  information  by  refusing  The use  of kookies  by means  of  the  selección  of the appropiate  configuration  to such  end  in your  navigator .  Alhough  is  option  of  blockade  of  kookies  in  your  navigator  may not  permit  you  The  full  use  of  all   funtionalities  of  the  Website.

Can you permit, blockade or eliminate The cookies installed in your equipment by means of  the configuration of the options of the installed navigator in  your computer: 

If  you have doubt about this politic of Cookies, you can contact with us

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